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Prestigeous prize of the Community of architects in category new building 1994

New scene of theatre Husa na provázku Brno

with K. Hubáček, V. Králíček

Mayor of Prague prize 1999, Building of the year

Rekonstrukce a dostavba divadla DISK DAMU

with K. Hubáček

Office Liberec
Voroněžská 144, Liberec 1, 460 01

Office Praha
Drtinova 557/10, Praha 5, 150 00

Office Brno
Cyrilská 7, Brno, 602 00

tel: +420 603 323 745

Reconstruction and new building of theatre DISK DAMU, Prague (1997–1999)

with K.Hubáček
Mayor of Prague prize 1999, Building of the year.

Success of theatre Husa na Provázku Brno led to next commision, this time Ing.arch. Karel Hubáček Dr.h.c. invited me to cooperations since the very beginning. Together we designed both interiors and exteriors of the theatre built into courtyard of Theatre department of AMU Praha. Part of the project was also alteration of old buildings belonging to department of Theatre - creation of tall atelier with courtyard gallery and maisonette office of dean. Metallic paravan hiding service areas for viewers lines throughout the historical part of interior with decorative stucco. The main theatre hall is clad with combination of blue wooden acoustic cladding with expanded metal, railing of lodges and stairs is made of stainless steel with technicist details. Foyer is made by big opening in walls with shown steel lintels and steel pillars. In recent time however, the interior of theatre was changed without our consultation and original desk of changing room was transformed in bar and was rented, changing rooms were squeezed into inappropriate part of foyer. The interior was therefore damaged.